Project: Windsor Square
Location: University Place, Washington
Client: Dobler Management Company, Inc.
Scope: Major Renovation
Completed: 2013

Renovations to the property include site modifications, exterior renovations, and unit remodels.  Two street access points will be closed off, and an access point added to connect to an existing interior drive on an adjacent apartment property that is also owned and managed by the client.

New construction consists of a dedicated managers office and living unit to replace the converted apartment unit formerly in use as the manager's office.  The existing common laundry room and storage facility was remodeled to accommodate the new manager's unit, and a stacked washer/dryer unit and containing closet was added to each unit.

Exterior renovations include the installation of a new roof and new siding to each building.  The private decks were repaired, and individual storage rooms added to each deck, allowing for the decks to receive new roofs.