Project: Boardwalk Apartment Renovation
Location: Tacoma, Washington
Client: Dobler Management Company, Inc
Scope: Major Renovation
Completed: 2007

Renovation and modernization of these apartments include both interior and exterior improvements.  The interior lawn was re-graded to create flat, usable space bisected by a new walkway connecting units to the outer parking.  All new landscaping was planted, and select trees removed to allow greater penetration of sunlight.  Existing parking was reconfigured to increase parking capacity, and a new security fence was installed.

In conjunction with the exterior redesign, the exterior envelope was upgraded to meet current energy efficiency standards, including new high-efficiency windows.  Interior improvements included all new casework, finishes, and the addition of washers and dryers to each unit, as well as a residential fire sprinkler system added throughout the complex.

Scope of work included the renovation of 39 existing apartment units and the addition of 3 new units and manager's office.