Project: Stewart Court Apartments
Location: Tacoma, Washington
Client: Tacoma Housing Authority
Scope: Major Renovation
Completed: 2003

Intense weathering and hard use of this 25 year old apartment complex required a major overhaul of both the interior and exterior of all buildings.

Residents were moved out of the units scheduled to be renovated while the rest of the complex was occupied. Tight scheduling allowed residents to move to the newly renovated units, freeing up their former building for renovation work.

Due to funding coming from government grants, funding was phased, which required phased construction. CDA segmented the work to match the funding to keep the same contractor throughout the entire renovation process. Alternate work was used to define the cost of each work segment; the alternates were accepted as funding was received.

Interior renovations included a complete refit of kitchens and bathrooms, new finishes in all rooms, and improved lighting and electrical outlets.  Exterior scope covered new decks, doors, and energy efficient windows.  Various sight improvements include new walks and steps, on-site trash compactor, and a new cast-iron security fence.