Project: Camp Murray Gate and Fence Improvements
Location: Lakewood, Washington
Client: Camp Murray Military Installation
Scope: Security Fence
Completed: 2004

The new main gate for Camp Murray had to meet strict military force security standards, as well as be aesthetically appropriate to the adjacent area. Existing brick pilasters from the previous fence system were to be preserved and incorporated into the new gate design. New work included the creation of a semi-truck and trailer turnaround to provide restricted vehicles a method in which to turn around without proceeding further onto base. The work was coordinated with several other adjacent base projects.

At Building 17, personnel circulation has changed since original construction, requiring new pathways, as well as a security fence to restrict unauthorized personnel. The new fence had to be aesthetically appropriate to the building as well as conform to the latest military force security standards. CMU pilasters were erected to reinforce a steel picket fence, providing simultaneous visibility and deterrent to those on the exterior walkway. Judicious location of the fence allowed for the preservation of all existing trees and an on-site grape arbor.